Who We Are

Star Coconut Indonesia is a brand from PT. Bintang Agronesia Global Nusantara. The reason our company established is we have seen Indonesia Coconut which is The Best Coconut in The World. That’s why we are focus on producing Coconut Products and their Derivatives. We want to help you to meet the needs of Your Best Indonesia Coconut Products.

Our Concern

We have Manufacturers in West Java and Central Sulawesi to empowerment local people. For fulfilling the supply of raw materials, we also work as a partner with experienced local farmers.


Vision and Mission

In running our company we have Vision and Mission that we uphold like The STAR to provide the best service to you.


It means an ecosystem from the start of taking raw materials, making process, until CSR. We always empower local people, from local people to local people, because our company cannot run alone.


In collaborating we always build integrity, treat each other fairly and respect with full responsibility.


In this case, we are maintaining the quality based on experience, supported by strict standards and controls. So we can present Indonesia Best Coconut Products all over The World.


We always try to conserve the environment, because we run a company sourced from nature. So that it can continue to be useful until our children later.