Coconut Tree As A Tree Of Life

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Coconut tree or in scientific language Cocos Nucifera is referred as The Tree Of Life because all parts of the coconut tree from the top to the bottom can be used to support the needs of human life. Coconut tree is one of the most useful trees in the world.



The outer layer is called husk, which is a tough fibrous layer. It is a source of coir that can be used to make commercial products such as brushes, carpets, doormats, ropes, yarn and even mattresses.

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The second layer under the skin is the shell that covers the meat inside, the shell can be burned to make fuel or charcoal, it can even be made into handicrafts such as cups, and bowls.

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Inside the shell, the core of the coconut is the meat and coconut water. The meat can be grated and squeezed to produce coconut milk, which is used in cooking all dishes, from appetizers, main courses and desserts. In addition, coconut meat can produce coconut oil, butter and margarine.

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The watery liquid in it is coconut water. Water from young coconuts can make drinks refreshing when cold, and balance the electrolyte balance in the body. Water from an aged coconut has a bad taste, it can be used to make vinegar, alcoholic beverages, nata de coco, etc.

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Flowers is arrangement in the stem of the plant. The coconut tree flower bouquet is a beautiful thing to look . The unopened flower buds are the source of coconut sap, which is used to make honey, sugar and others. There may be about 5 to 12 seeds in the flowers that can ripen into a coconut.

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The leaves can be woven into the roof. Also can be used in cooking to wrap food or even crafts to make bags, etc. Sturdy stem are used to make a brooms.

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The trunk of the tree is made into wood for construction and making furniture.

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The roots are made into rope or etc. ​

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