Coconut Wood For Your Home

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There are various types of quality wood and unique characteristics that are often used as furniture in the world. In addition to teak wood and mahogany wood, coconut wood is also an option because of it’s quality and strength compared to other types of wood.

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Here are some unique characters of coconut wood :

1. Long size, ranging from 5 to 30 meters.

2. Red-brown in color. The older coconut wood, the darker color of the wood will be. On the other part of young coconut wood is usually light brown or yellowish brown in color. The level of strength of young coconut wood is not as good as old ones.

3. The shape of the large fibers makes the surface of the coconut wood rough textured. As coconut wood ages, the shape of the fibers will get bigger.

4. A coconut tree can produce different wood qualities. The center of the tree will produce the best wood that is very hard in texture and perfectly straight in shape. Meanwhile, the edges of the coconut tree actually produce wood that is slightly curved, has a slightly soft texture, and often still consists of bark.

5. The process of selecting coconut wood can be done by tapping it. Quality coconut wood has a very dense texture so it doesn’t make a loud sound when tapped.

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After discussing the unique character of coconut wood, here are the advantages of coconut wood when used as furniture :

1. The price is more affordable compared to first-class wood such as teak wood.

2. Stable size and not easy to bend.

3. Resistant to pests and weeds, such as termites, powder fleas, rats and fungi.

4. Coarse coconut wood fibers produce a unique and thick motif with ethnic nuances.

5. Not easily dented, scratched, or damaged by sharp objects.

6. The maintenance process is fairly practical and does not require a lot of money.

7. Can be processed into various types of furniture, such as cabinets, dining tables, guest chairs, beds, and others.

8. The use of coconut wood is environmentally friendly because it is compared to rare types of wood such as ironwood.

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In addition to having various advantages, coconut wood for furniture also has the following disadvantages :

1. Coconut wood has low resistance to water. Coconut wood texture will not easily if exposed to water continuously. That is why this type of wood is not suitable for outdoor furniture.

2. Coarse texture of coconut wood fibers can produce sharp wood chips that are prone to hurting hands. This deficiency must be circumvented through a careful finishing process so that the wood surface is completely smooth.

3. The moist condition of coconut wood makes the surface easy to bounce and change shape and size.

4. Coconut trees need a lot of water to support their growth. This characteristic makes coconut wood contains a lot of water and must go through a long drying process.

5. The processing process is very difficult because it requires the right technique to process rough wood fibers and contains a lot of water.

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