Coconut Briquette Charcoal is the best coconut shell charcoal that is crushed and glued with natural ingredients. Briquette has a very easy burning system, is very hot, and has a longer burning time. It is suitable for shisha or hookah and also can be used for barbeque. There are various sizes and shapes according to your order.



Moisture : 5% MAX
Ash Content : 1.5%
Sulfur : 0%
Fixed Carbon : 80% MIN
Volatile Matters : 15% MAX
Ash Colour : White
Caloric Value : 7500 Kcal
Long Time Burning : 2.5 Hours

Packing : Standard or special as your order

Shapes as your order (Cubes,Hexagonal,Pillow and Stick/Finger)

Container Capacity : 18MT in 20ft Container
and 25MT in 40ft Container

Use For

Shisha, Hookah, Barbeque, etc.