Coconut Shell Charcoal is a product obtained from 100% coconut shell. And it become popular all over the world. As a natural and environment friendly biofuel, it can be used as a substitute fuel for firewood, kerosene, and other fossil fuels. It can also be made into a briquette for shisha, cooking, barbeque, industrial boilers, etc.



Colour Uniformly Black
Moisture : 15% MAX
Volatile Matters : 15% MAX
Caloric Value : 7500 Kcal
Ash Content : 3% MAX
Ash Colour : White Gray
Fixed Carbon : 75% MIN
Size : Natural size charcoal

Packing : Woven bags 35-45kg

Container Capacity : 14MT in 20ft Container
and 25MT in 40ft Container

Use For

Barbeque, Boiler Industries, Agriculture, etc.