Edible Copra Dry Coconut is usually made as a coconut flour or can be eaten directly as a snack. The copra making is coconut meat dried directly in the sun, to reduce the water content to below 5% for 48 hours. This natural drying is environment friendly so the product quality will be good.



Origin : Sulawesi
Moisture Content : Max 5%
Burnt : 0%
Smoky : Max 1%
Rubbery : 0%
Colour : Clean white
Quality : Fully dried from mature copra

Packing : Jute gunny bags

Free from fungus, mold and dirt

Container Capacity : 15MT in 20ft Container
and 24-25MT in 40HC Container

Use For

Edible, Desiccated Coconut, Coconut Flour, etc.